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I am an assistant professor working at the Department of Physics and Earth Science at the University of Ferrara.

My research work is primarily focused on studying supernovae and kilonovae, extremely bright events that are associated with the explosions of dying stars. Although they are essential for many different astrophysical fields (e.g. theories of stellar evolution, chemical enrichment of galaxies and cosmology), the extragalactic nature of these events makes the identification and/or characterization of their progenitor systems a challenging task.

To unravel the nature of these explosions, I run sophisticated calculations and test different scenarios by comparing their predictions with observations.

As any good Italian, I love playing and watching football, eating good food and drinking good wine. I am happily married to Chiara since 2014 and have three wonderful daughters, Marta, Giuditta and Matilde.

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2013 - 2016

Doctor of Philosophy 

Queen's University Belfast

Radiative transfer calculations

Predicting signatures for supernova and kilonova explosion models.

2010 - 2013

Master's degree in Astrophysics 

Università degli studi di Milano

2007 - 2010

Bachelor's degree in Physics 

Università degli studi di Milano


Dust extinction in supernovae


Studying the geometries of supernovae and kilonovae.

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